Original Sporting 28ga wad (250/bag)

Original Sporting 28ga wad (250/bag)
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Original Sporting 28 wad (bag/250)

This is the original Sporting-28 wad for light capacity loads. Original load data still applies to this classic small bore component.

View sample LOAD DATA from our BP manuals

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  • Overall length: 1.497"
  • Seal to cup bottom: .920"
  • Shotcup depth: .554"
  • Optimum range: 15-40 yards
  • Typically less than 3/4 oz loads, although 3/4 oz fits well with most single-base powders

Size: 28-gauge

Typical Loads: 5/8 to 3/4 oz lead

Load Data: See our Small Bore Manual

Made in Italy

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Same Performance As Fed 28S1 12/31/2023
Since I wasnt able to find any FED 28S1s anywhere I looked into these and found that in a Cheddite hull they have the same load data. Im running a new Ched hull, Ched primer, this wad and 16.4 gr of Longshot to get a 1,300 FPS 3/4 OZ load with lead shot. Its a quail killer for sure! This wad seems to give consistent performance and loads with no machine adjustments when switching from the FED 28S1 to this one. I highly recommend it!
Kris Strutner
Great wads/Need to be a bigger bag 11/25/2023
I bought these in hopes of reloading my AA hulls in a lighter 5/8oz load. I originally thought I would have to adjust my Mec9000 or trim the hulls, because compared to the Claybuster wads, these are about .25 shorter. These worked just fine with no modifications needed. I now have a go to wad for my new lighter loads. They did great with 13.4gr powder but I ended up dropping the charge to 12.7 and the load was still just right. Crimps are good and performance is what I would expect from BP. I am now crushing clays with a lighter load and saving a little shot along the way. Only downside is they only come in a bag of 250. Hey BP, please start selling these in 500 or more
- M Webb, NM
Good news! They are available bulk in cases of 10,000. Buy in bulk and save!
--BP Lab
Essential for Fiocchi, Cheddite, Riefenhauser type hulls 12/30/2010
This is the only wad that will afford you a good flat crimp with conventional 3/4 oz.loads in 2 3/4 hulls such as Ficocci low basewad, Rio, Cheddite, Kent etc. This was the original wad used in Fiocchi/Dionisi factory loads.
- Todd O., WI

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