Overshot Cards (1000/box)

Overshot Cards (1000/box)
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Overshot Cards (1000/box)


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Place an overshot card on top of the shot charge just before crimping to improve overall crimp quality and seal in small shot and/or buffer. Excellent for use with BPI Roll Crimpers.

  • Overshot cards produce flatter, tighter crimps
  • More consistent load combustion and pellet containment
  • Effectively contains pellets within the shotcup during the firing cycle
  • Added Water-repellant qualities
  • Seals buffer within the shell
  • Excellent for roll crimps
  • Overshot cards do NOT adversely affect patterns
  • Specifications: .030-.040" (thickness can vary +/- .005" due to material variation and humidity) Industry tolerances apply.

Our testing lab has proven that poor crimps can alter the performance of an otherwise good load. Overshot cards always produce better, more consistent crimps and this consistency is demonstrated in the standard deviation of loads in our lab. Our ballistic lab recommends overshot cards for better crimps in all loads. 


Shotshell size selection: Use the same size gauge as your hull. Smaller diameter cards also work if your particular size is out of stock. For example, a 20ga overshot card works in a 16-gauge shotshell and so on. 

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A must have for the reloader 12/4/2022
excellent at making consistent roll crimps . I will no longer make shells without them.
- Kevin Hughes, FL

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