SpheroBismuth tin-plated bismuth shot #5 (7#/bag)

SpheroBismuth tin-plated bismuth shot #5 (7#/bag)
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SpheroBismuth Tin-Plated Bismuth Shot #5 (7# bag)
We take shot quality very seriously. When the world's leading commercial shot manufacturer began talking to us about making a super premium bismuth shot, we listened. Our SpheroBismuth starts with a superior spherical form because it is precision pressure-casted into spheres of uniform size and shape. It is then polished and heavily tin-plated. It is the finest bismuth shot we've ever tested. USFWS-approved non-toxic, beautifully consistent, and dense. It will be drop-dead lethal in your loads.
Overall Pellet Softness: Bismuth is the softest metal of all available non-toxic shot types. Bismuth is much softer than any barrel iron and steel shotgun barrels. Therefore it is the non-toxic shot that is easiest on your fine shotgun.
Sizes: We stock sizes for a wide range of game; from heavy goose loads down to upland loads.
Bismuth shot hits like lead shot, but won't harm barrels and chokes, which means that it is ideal for use as a non-toxic shot in fine double-barrel shotguns, smallbore shotguns and any other shotguns with fixed chokes. Care and proper loading techniques must be observed in order to load bismuth shot effectively. Follow BPI load data for your best bismuth performance.


Product Type: Non-toxic shot; USFWS approved
Load Data: Our newly revised Bismuth Manual is coming soon
Specs: Sample inspection report in additional images (industry accepted tolerances apply to all weights and measurements).
Density: 9.75 g/cc, standard range > 9.55