Teflon Wraps 10 to 12ga (50/pak)

Teflon Wraps 10 to 12ga (50/pak)
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Detailed Description

Teflon Wraps (50/package)

10ga and 12ga (and other applications):

  • Length = 2-1/4"
  • Width = 1-1/2"
  • Thickness = .010"

Slippery, and tough Teflon at work for better loads. This unique and specialized product allows for maximum shot capacities; ideal for specialized turkey, buckshot and slug loads. Heavy shot payloads benefit from increased velocity and as a protected column - avoiding direct shot contact with the barrel. The results are improved load performance and better patterns.

Teflon may be trimmed for use in smaller gauges or for special purposes. Custom cut Teflon starts at 25,000.

Data sheets are available upon request.

Product Type: Shot liner, Teflon
Size/Length: See above
Specs:  (industry tolerances apply to all measurements)
Shipping: Unrestricted product; may be exported to countries not on U.S. export prohibition list. 

Made in USA

"Teflon" is a trademark of DuPont

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