Upland Bird Hunting with Tom Huggler

Upland Bird Hunting with Tom Huggler
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Upland Bird Hunting DVD with Tom Huggler

Stoney-Wolf Productions presents Tom Huggler, hunting your favorite upland game birds.

Join Tom in this trilogy that will help you become a better hunter of pheasants, ruffed grouse, and quail.

  1. In the Pheasant Hunting program you'll learn that today's pheasants are not the same birds your grandfather hunted. Because today's ever-elusive ringneck is smarter than ever, you must learn a whole new set of tactics. Some of the tips Tom passes on to you include sizing up habitat, positioning yourself for the best possible shots and learning to hunt pheasants alone, with or without a dog.
  2. The Grouse feature shares tips on special habitats to look for, hunting with and without dogs, on choosing guns, loads and chokes and much, much more.
  3. In the Quail Hunting program, join Tom as he hunts wild and liberated birds in 7 states. Along the way, you'll get answers to key questions such as: Where is the best bobwhite hunting found today? What quail hunting tactics are most effective? What guns, chokes and loads are the best?

Upland bird hunters everywhere will benefit from viewing this entertaining and educational film. Adding this DVD to your library will ensure you get the most from your next pheasant, grouse or quail hunting trip.

Running time approximately 153 minutes.

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