Wad Nudge (Large & Small Kit): 4ga - .410

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Wad Nudge Kit (large and small)

This is a simple tool designed to complete a couple necessary handloading tasks: To firmly seat wads on top of powder and to properly seat filler wads inside the shotcup. The Curmudgeon wanted his Wad Nudge to fit comfortably into the palm of his hand. This allows for additional downward pressure without discomfort.

We have tried numerous other hand tools in our loading lab, like screwdrivers and T-handles, but the Nudge just works better. It sure makes things easier.

Large: 1-3/4" diameter ball with 4" x 1/2" oak shaft and rare earth magnet. (4ga - 20ga)

Small:  1-3/4" diameter ball with 4" x 5/16" oak shaft and rare earth magnet. (24ga - .410)


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Best wad pusher on the market. 9/15/2022
High quality and very handy. The round ball on the end is easy on your head plus the magnet is the smartest thing ever. It makes it easy to keep up with on the reloading table, I hang mine on my drill press
- Kenneth Parker, NC
Handy tool! 9/15/2022
Where has this been all my reloading life? Ball is a great size and the dowel is just right for the smaller bores and works well seating fiber wads in brass shells, as well.
- Gerrod H., IN