Wolff 10ga Spring Kit

Wolff 10ga Spring Kit
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Wolff 10ga Spring Kit for Mag-10

Has your Mag-10 turned into a single shot? Fresh springs eliminate most all of the ITHACA MAG-10's potential malfunction problems. If you have tools and ability to maintain the stock springs, then you possess the skills to install the Wolff kit. If not, you may prefer to have your gunsmith do the installation. Either way, you will have an improved Mag-10 in the field.



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Mag-10 11/3/2021
Iíve added this spring kit to 3 different Ithacaís in the past several years and it is an incredible way to clean an old gun up mechanically. Seems like it made an incredible difference for the better. The action cycles quicker and the gun feels tighter over all.
Ithaca Mag 10 Spring kit upgrade by Wolf 9/28/2019
I purchased this kit for Mag 10 and it was not functional at all. The biggest issue was the magazine feed tube spring was so strong that it wouldnt let the gun feed another round into the chamber and thought it was me ,so I put original spring back in and the gun fed perfectly.Sorry Wolf but your product might work in some Mag 10s but not all of them.
- Dave Gentile, GA
Hi Dave, Thanks for the feedback on that product. Please try to call the good people at Wolff at 1-800-545-0077 about your observations. We've been selling that product for over 40 years with generally great results. If you can't get a hold of them or if you have any other problems, please call our staff. Thanks!
--BP Lab

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