Zinc-Plated Steel Shot #5 (10 lbs/bag)

Zinc-Plated Steel Shot #5 (10 lbs/bag)
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BPI Zinc-Plated Steel Shot (10 lbs/bag)


Our Zinc-Plated Steel Shot is unsurpassed in all the industry. It all starts with the highest quality annealed steel balls. The finest steel shot loads can only be made only of premium (dead soft) iron, which is then annealed to assure the softest possible steel pellet. Finally, we polish our shot to perfection and then heavily plate them in soft and protective zinc. The final product rolls out on flat surfaces and demonstrates its near perfect form. The zinc plating is the final touch to create world's finest steel shotshell pellet.

Our shot is produced to a higher standard and that means it will flow more freely through reloaders and pattern better. Better quality steel shot brings more energy to your target, resulting in greater overall lethality. All of our steel shot meets or exceeds all U.S. and European cartridge industry standards for non-toxicity, softness, and quality. Approved by the USFWS for non-toxic use.


LOAD DATA:  The Status of Steel is newly revised with almost 700 loads, from 10ga to .410. BPI's ballistic lab produces more high-performance steel shot data in more varieties and more velocities. If you need a special load, we've already got it for you.


SHIPPING DISCOUNTS: Take advantage of our powerful outbound shipping discounts - especially at quantities of 200 lbs. and more. If you have a question on the best way to ship it to you, just call our helpful customer service team at 1-888-2-RELOAD. They will give you an instant quotation with discounted shipping costs, from 10 to 10,000 pounds.


VOLUME PRICING: BPI is your source for commerical and industrial steel shot applications. For industrial ballast material purposes you may be interested in our low-cost alternative Cast Steel Shot.

Product Type: Non-toxic steel shot; USFWS approved.
Load Data: Status of Steel and Advantages manuals
Specs: Sizes #F (.220") through #7 (.100"); (industry tolerances apply)
Packaging: Duck cloth bag with sewn seams. 10 lbs. per unit
Density: Approximately 7.85 grams per cubic centimeter
International origin

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#5s Great shot for duck hunting 1/29/2019
I have always used steel number 2s and BBs for hunting ducks and geese. I have reloaded steel shot for more than 40 years... I was going Chukar and Pheasant hunting so I bought some number 6s and loaded them. I was very happy with how they worked. It made me wonder what number 5s would do on ducks and geese. Wow I was amazed. I shot more than 150 ducks this year with the number 5s and almost every one of them dropped stone dead. I also shot 11 geese this year with the number 5s and was happily surprised I had no cripples they also dropped stone dead. The 5s hit hard and the penetration is excellent. Im loading shells that are approx 1600 feet per second and that combined with the number 5s has been great. I will be using them from now on. Great product!!
- Kevin, OR
Precisely manufactured. 1/1/2017
Round shot, easy to load. Outstanding penetration.
- ed boyd-kuppenbender, OR

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