12ga Flex-Seal Wad (250/bag)

12ga Flex-Seal Wad  (250/bag)
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FS12 Flex-Seal 12ga wad (250/bag)

The Flex-Seal is a symmetrical flathead seal with double retention rings. In its essence, this is a shortened version of the Original Brush Wad, a double-ended gas seal with an impact reduction cage. It does not have any molded spreader device and does not introduce any pattern-influence on the shot payload or the shotguns choke. Your gun will throw the natural pattern as per the given choke.

Technical: The FS12 can be loaded with an X-stream spreader insert for a forced spreading pattern. It can also act as a taller cushioned gas seal when loaded underneath other components. Excellent for slugs and buckshot.

  • Height: .530"
  • Diam: .730"

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12ball 00 buck! 9/14/2017
Preferred seal for all around buckshot and slug field loads. You can build what you want with this gas seal.
- Mike, AZ
Excellent cushioned low-profile gas seal. 8/13/2017
Great for slugs if you wish to create your own mini shells. You can also stack fiber waddings on top of these to bring up the height and to give the slug added support. A good wadding system is KEY to precision but is often overlooked.
- Jeff Heeszel, CA

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