ExactaTrim Gauge Adaptor for Trim Dr (*select gauge)

ExactaTrim Gauge Adaptor for Trim Dr (*select gauge)
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Detailed Description

ExactaTrim Gauge Adaptor
(fits the original Trim Doctor or the Trim Doctor II)
The ExactaTrim Gauge Adaptor allows you to easily convert your Trim Doctor or Trim Doctor II to a different gauge. The new 28ga & .410 will now work in either version of the Trim Doctor, but will only work correctly with the purchase of the Adaptor Plug (#0310002) in the same gauge. Click on the proper gauge below.

Our ExactaTrim Gauge Adaptors and Adaptor Plugs assure tight cuts with no spiraling and they are available in additional sizes to make your Trim Doctor II even more versatile:

As a shell disassembly tool, the Trim Doctor works on any gauge, 10ga through .410. Just remove the threaded guide, insert loaded shell into opening and gently turn the shell while applying slight pressure to the blade guide. The top of the shell will pop off cleanly after a few turns. (Warning: Do not allow blade to come into contact with shot.)

  1. A shotshell case length trimmer that produces exacting cuts and ideal short cases.
  2. A case disassembly tool.

The Trim Doctor will pay for itself many times over by allowing you to retrieve components from reject shells and by allowing further firings out of many hulls with tired crimps.

Product Type: Shotshell loading tool
Size (Trim Doctor): 7" x 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" h.
Usage: For trimming/shortening shotshell cases and disassembling shotshells.
Made in USA

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Wheres the 28 ga. bushing? 6/11/2013
Add a 28 ga. bushing, please!
- David Miller, NJ
Trim doctor 10/20/2012
Great tool, but why no 28ga bushing?
- Dave, CO
Roll Crimp on federal paper hulls for Black Powder shells 10/28/2011
This is a great tool, I used it to trim 1000 federal paper hulls that I am using to load black power for my old double hammer gun in cowboy action shooting. Roll Crimping. The adaptor bushing did not fit on the paper hulls but I was able to hold pressure on the bottom of the hull as I turned. The threaded guide was a big help making all 1000 hulls exactly the same length The cuts were perfect. If for any reason you need to trim your shells, get this tool.
- John, OR

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