Trim Doctor II Shotshell Case Tool

Trim Doctor II Shotshell Case Tool
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Detailed Description

Trim Doctor II Shotshell Trimming Tool

The Trim Doctor tool is two tools in one: 

  • Shotshell case length trimmer that produces exacting cuts and ideal short cases
  • Case disassembly tool

This is a re-designed version of the original Trim Doctor.

After years of searching the world for just the right case trimmer without success, our ballistic technicians demanded that BPI make this convenient and necessary tool. An adaptor bushing and gauge plug hold shells in alignment to produce a clean and crimpable edge. The Trim Doctor II is designed to remove 1/4" at a time (about the same as a full fold crimp): 3" shells become 2-3/4", 2-3/4" become 2-1/2". Two full cuts on a 10 gauge shell produce a 2-7/8" shell. Select the gauge of your new Trim Doctor II; it comes with one gauge adaptor bushing and trim plug.

Our new ExactaTrim Adaptor Bushings assure tight cuts with no spiraling and they are available in additional sizes to make your Trim Doctor II even more versatile:

The key feature of the Trim Doctors redesign is the removal of the adjustable threaded rod.   Replacing the threaded rod is the new gauge specific Trim Plug system. Each individual gauge now has its own unique plug that can fully support the interior of the hull during the trimming process. This design allows for the addition of previously incompatible small bore gauges, while also providing for much more even and consistent cuts by removing the threads.

Handloaders who have previously purchased the older versions of the Trim Doctor can easily upgrade their tool by purchasing the new Trim Plugs.

As a shell disassembly tool, the Trim Doctor works on any gauge, 10ga through .410. Just remove the gauge plug, insert loaded shell through the adaptor bushing and gently turn the shell while applying slight pressure to the blade guide. The top of shell will pop off cleanly after a few turns. 

The Trim Doctor will pay for itself many times over by allowing you to retrieve components from reject shells and by allowing further firings out of many hulls with tired crimps.

Click here to see the instruction on how to use the Trim Doctor II.

What our customers say about this product:

"I started roll crimping in 1970 using an old hand crank crimper on Federal paper hulls.  I started doing it again just recently due to the availability of straight wall hulls and it is something to do in my retirement. Your Spin Dr. and hull cutter are indispensable."

- Paul, AZ

"This is a great tool, I used it to trim 1000 federal paper hulls that I am using to load black power for my old double hammer gun in cowboy action shooting. Roll Crimping. The adaptor bushing did not fit on the paper hulls but I was able to hold pressure on the bottom of the hull as I turned. The threaded guide was a big help making all 1000 hulls exactly the same length The cuts were perfect. If for any reason you need to trim your shells, get this tool."

- John, OR


Product Type: Shotshell loading tool
Size: 7" x 1-3/4"w x 1-1/4" h.
Usage: For trimming/shortening shotshell cases and disassembling shotshells.
Replacement Blades are located here.

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Nifty Little Tool 2/27/2022
I reload a lot of 2.5 shells for 12 gauge. The Trim Doctor II allows me to get perfect straight cuts on any hull with very little effort. I can sit in front of the tv and trim several hundred of my beloved gold medal papers in an evening. Actually makes the chore enjoyable. Thanks Ballistic Products!
More experience with this tool 2/21/2018
Now that I have been working with this tool for a while, I should update my review. I started to have a problem with the cut spiraling. What I learned is this: 1. Dont push down too hard on the top blade of the tool. This makes it hard to turn the shell, and can cause #2. 2. Dont push in too hard on the shell. This can cause the shell to collapse over the cut, making it spiral. I can now reliably produce square and neatly cut shells every time, by following these points.
- Bruce Watkins, WA
Good tool, watch out for the blade when its open ! 1/18/2018
Like most devices, this tool is a little tight when new; it just needs to break in, so be patient. As you go, you will learn the technique for good results. The blade is very sharp; I just touched it and started to bleed, so be careful when the tool is open. After a few shells, I was producing good 2 inch shells every time. That takes 3 cuts, since the tool only makes 1/4 inch cuts. For Trim Doctor III, adjustable depth would be great !
- Bruce Watkins, WA
Its OK 12/15/2017
I had one that was made before the adaptor was available and did not like using it at all never could get a straight cut. Then purchased the adaptor and it works better but not adjustable enough when you want to cut more than 1/4 at a time. I have another one from another maker and that one is much more user friendly as far as adjustments its set it and forget it. I can set that to the exact length and it just takes one cut. I will use the Trim Doctor to take apart shells if I need to for that it will be perfect
- Mitch K, PA
Great tool 8/25/2016
I had tried for years to make my own shell trimming tool, but never got it perfect. This tool form Ballistic Products is outstanding quality, and a good design. I only give it 4 stars because there is little in any way of adjustment. The tool is designed to remove 1/4 at a time, but I find it to be about 5/16 with the bushing fully seated. Another problem is not all shells are made exact. An example is the Fiocchi 3 1/2 shells I am trimming is they actually measure 3 7/16. Not a huge deal, but Im trying to make perfect slug loads. I think a shim kit is needed to make this a perfect 5 stars. I ended up using O-Rings to shim the bushing. 2 full cuts now brings me to exactly a 3 shell.
- Tom Condon, MN

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