Lee 12ga 1oz Drive Key Slug Mould #90281

Lee 12ga 1oz Drive Key Slug Mould #90281
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Lee 1oz 12ga Slug Mould #90281  

The Drive Key slugs produced by this mould are pictured above. The mould can be seen by clicking additional images above.

Shoot a lot? Molding your own slugs saves money and allows you to customize your loads. Lee Slugs feature an exclusive drive key. The drive key supports the base of the slug, positively rotating the slug inside rifled shotgun barrels for better accuracy. Molds have a self-centering automatic core pin for maximum speed and convenience. Mold comes complete with sprue plate, handles and complete instructions for making slugs.

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Product Type: Slug Mold
Size/Length: 12ga, 1 oz. 
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REDUCING EXPOSURE: Lead contamination in the air, in dust, and on your skin is invisible. Keep children and pregnant women away during use and until cleanup is complete. Risk can be reduced - but not eliminated - with strong ventilation; washing hands immediately after use of these products before eating or smoking; and careful cleaning of surfaces and floors with disposable wipes, after lead dust has had a chance to settle. Use a lead specific cleaner with EDTA, or hand soaps specifically designed to remove heavy metals.

WARNING: Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. USE STRONG VENTILATION!

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Great if built to the barrel. 7/19/2022
1 oz Key slug is very accurate out of cylinder bore as long as, 1.you use 078 Lightning wad 2.put 20guage nitro card into wad first 3.put a 20guage overshot card on top of the nitro card so that the slug doesnt grab it. For rifled barrels you want the slug to make bottom contact with your wad so the Drive Key will grab and rotate with the wad as it passes through the rifled bore.

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