MEC Rammer Tube #505B*

MEC Rammer Tube #505B*
Item Number: 130505B
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Detailed Description

MEC Rammer Tube (#130505B*)

Rammer tubes must be a perfect fit for your particular kind of wad. Although these tubes are listed by gauge (see drop down menu above), we use a variety of Rammer Tube sizes for our loading.

If a Rammer Tube is pulling your wad up on the upstroke, then try a smaller diameter (i.e., smaller gauge) tube. This should fix the problem. If you are having trouble dropping larger shot sizes, then try a larger diameter tube.

Specialty Rammer Tubes are also available to make your loading processes easier:

Click here to view MEC Bushing Chart

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

The Universal Charge Bar is an alternative product that may save you money and storage space. Some people prefer using their bushings with original MEC Charge Bars, while others like the universal adjustability of the Universal Charge Bar

You can improve MEC performance with just a couple convenient accessories:

Better Crimps: When loading new/primed hulls, your crimps may not stay closed if you are using a standard plastic crimp starter. The Super Crown Crimp Starter is designed to put a lasting crimp memory into new plastic, essential for tight and functional crimps on new hulls. The Super Crown also provides better crimps on once-fired hulls too.

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  • MEC Rammer Tube
  • #130505B*
  • Made in USA

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