MEC SteelMaster #8639* (select gauge)

MEC SteelMaster #8639* (select gauge)
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MEC Steelmaster single-stage reloader #8639  

The MEC Steelmaster is the only shotshell reloader that comes specifically equipped to load non-toxic shotshells. The upgrades to this model make it better for all hunting loads (regardless of shot material) and larger shot sizes. Whether you are loading steel shot, ITX Shot, Hevi-Shot, or even lead shotshells, this is a great reloader for hunting loads.

The Steelmaster offers simplicity without sacrificing convenience and efficiency. Steelmaster is loaded with premium features, which makes it's the choice of hunters worldwide. Hunting loads are more complex than target loads, which means they need the individual attention only a good single-stage reloader can provide. The Steelmaster is a fine example of a thoughtful single-stage reloader at a great price.

Resizing: When shotshells are fired they expand to the dimensions of your shotgun's chamber. To be reloaded, they must be resized accurately. The highly accurate Power Ring collet resizing system (same design as MEC's Super Sizer resizing tool) returns the shell base back to factory specifications, whether you are loading high or low base. BPI's ballistic experts HIGHLY recommend this resizing feature, especially if you are shooting a gun with a tubular magazine.

Priming: The EZ Prime auto primer feed is standard equipment on the Steelmaster. EZ Prime dispenses primers automatically, which is a great time saver and a calming influence when loading. (*The automatic primer feed feature is not available on .410 bore loaders.)

Versatility: Steelmasters are adjustable for 3" shells and are available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, and also .410 2-1/2" or 3". MEC #8165 Die Sets are available to convert your Steelmaster to any other gauge.

Click below for Steelmasters in other gauges or lengths:

*STOCK NOTE: Even if this reloader is listed out of stock, we have alternate shipping locations that assure speedy shipment of your MEC reloader. Please call our customer service department at 1-888-273-5623 if you have any questions.

BPI's Super Crown Crimp Starter

You can improve MEC performance with just a couple convenient accessories:

Better Crimps: When loading new/primed hulls, your crimps may not stay closed if you are using a standard plastic crimp starter. The Super Crown Crimp Starter is designed to put a lasting crimp memory into new plastic, essential for tight and functional crimps on new hulls. The Super Crown also provides better crimps on once-fired hulls too.

Shot & Powder Charges: For added versatility and convenience, we recommend the Universal Charge Bar. This excellent accessory quickly pays for itself in bushing and charge bar savings and it gives you almost limitless load flexibility.

Priming: The EZ Prime auto primer feed (#285CA) can be added to the 600JR. EZ Prime dispenses primers automatically, which is a great time saver and a calming influence when loading. (*The automatic primer feed feature is not available for .410 reloaders.)

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Resizing high-brass hulls: If you are experience resistence when resizing high-brass hulls, try just a little bit of Mica Wad Slick on the brass, die, or resizing area of your reloader. A little dry lube goes a long way toward saving reloading sanity. Also, the MEC Super Sizer works very for all high brass hulls.

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MEC Steelmaster reloaders include 1 Charge Bar & 3 Powder Bushings
10 GA

1-1/2oz BB-2

31, 34, 37

12 GA

1-1/8oz BB-3

25, 32, 34

12 GA 3-1/2

1-1/2oz BB-2

36, 37, 39A

Made in USA


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Loads great shells 10/24/2011
Bought this reloader a couple of years ago and have had zero issues out of it yet. Easy to set up and use. Everything Ive loaded on it has turned out great looking and great performing. Would recomend to a friend.
- Clark, IN

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