Mica Wad Slick (8 oz. jar)

Mica Wad Slick (8 oz. jar)
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Mica Wad Slick (8 oz)

Creates a dry film on wads, which allows for easier, less resistant loading, reduced friction, and increased velocities. Simply put about a teaspoon of Mica Wad Slick in a bag with wads and lightly shake.

Our laboratory uses Mica Wad Slick on all of our high-performance lead, steel, bismuth, and tungsten-based loads. The most consistent handloads are properly compacted and Mica Wad Slick sure makes them go together much easier and more efficiently. (8oz container)

  • Allows for easier and smoother loading.
  • Reduces friction between wad and hull and bore.
  • Increases velocity and reduces pressures over loads without Wad Slick.

Do not substitute other lubricants in your loads: The wrong lubricant can contaminate powder - either raising or lowering pressures.

Product Type: Shotshell loading accessory, wad conditioner.
Size: 8 oz plastic container, approximately 500 cc by volume.
Usage: For shotshell wads and slugs or metallic bullets only. Not for use in black powder/muzzleloading applications.
Made in USA

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Resizing high-brass hulls: If you are experience resistence when resizing high-brass hulls, try just a little bit of Mica Wad Slick on the brass, die, or resizing area of your reloader. A little dry lube goes a long way toward saving reloading sanity. Also, the MEC Super Sizer works very for all high brass hulls. It is an essential tool to achieve consistent reloading results.

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 "I am a believer in the Slick!!! Thanks!"

              -Rich F., Melrose, MA



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Mica 4 Xtreme range loads 7/29/2019
Ive been reloading shot shells for over 40 years. I started making use of Mica back when lead was legal for waterfowl. Dust your wads & gas seals but also add a lightly rounded teaspoon to your jar of buffer. Mix thoroughly into the buffer. Mica is going to make the load flow through the bore more smoothly, thus damage to pellets is reduced & patterns tightened. A custom bored 1100 with 2.5 forcing cone produces a 97% pattern with a 1 5/8 oz. nickel #4 load, BPGS+BP12 over SR4756 powder = 1280fps & dead mallards beyond 50 yds. Change to #5 or 5 1/2 shot for turkey = 45yds for sure thing with xfull choke, or a turkey choke. Great product! !
- Outdoorsman, MI
Great stuff 4/29/2018
I have been using mica and buffer for a year now, the results down range are impressive . well worth a little clean up time. I have been reloading for 30+ years.
Scott Friesner
awsome 10/14/2015
wad slick is a must have on my reloading stand bar none
- Randy Zonna, PA
Great product! 5/8/2014
Ive been reloading shotshells for 25 years, but only recently tried this product. I will never be without this stuff on my bench again! this stuff does exactly what bpi claims. It does tend to make everything glitter as its such a fine powder it gets on everything. I highly recommend this product to any one whether assembling reloads or handloads, metallic or shotshell. Ill be ordering more soon
- S T, AL
Slick is the word... 7/8/2013
Does exactly what it claims. Very very fine dust powder, and extremely slick. Once you get, open and dab your finger in, then rub your finger and thumb together and youll instantly be sold on this. I dust all my wads with mica wad slick now. I have not seen one instant where mica wad dust messes with my powder, so I believe them when they say it will not contaminate your powder. Once you dust your wads and pop them in your hulls, youll see your wads instantly sink down by themselves using their own weight this stuff is so slick. A little goes a LONG LONG way. Can be messy so make sure you have your work space ready to use this even just shaking in a bag to dust wads, but well worth it, especially when going to the range for a day and seeing the results. WOW!
- Kentucky Thunder, KY

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