MagTech 12ga 2-1/2 empty brass shotshells for reloading

MagTech 12ga 2-1/2 empty brass shotshells for reloading
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MagTech 12ga Brass Shotshell unprimed hulls (25/box)

Magtech brass hulls are designed for traditional black powder loads. Please note that the primer pocket accommodates a large pistol primer.

Internal dimensions & component selection: When selecting over-powder wads (nitro cards and fiber wads) for MagTech brass cases you must utilize the chart below for a proper fit. Magtech brass hull use large pistol primers. Firearm Chamber Length = 2-3/4". Brass Case Length = 2.45".

  • Ready to load and unprimed
  • Large pistol primer required
  • Load data: Reloading Brass Shotshells Manual
  • 25/box and 10 boxes per case

    Rds/ MagTech Nitro card Overshot
Part # MagTech empty hulls Box I.D. & Fiber wad card
3921270 12ga Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .765" 11ga 10ga
3921665 16ga Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .701" 14ga 13ga
3922065 20ga Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .652" 18ga 17ga
3922465 24ga Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .622" 20ga 19ga
3922865 28ga Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .585" 24ga 24ga
3924165 36ga/.410 Brass Shotshell - LP 25 approx .433" .430 .450

ATTENTION: Residents of DC and MA please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any shot or bullet products.
Made in Brazil

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Anneal before reloading after firing 2/15/2021
If you roll crimp these, it is a very good idea to anneal them before reloading a second time--and every time after that. They will stretch forward, so you may need to trim a bit once your roll gets brittle, but Ive gotten 5 blackpowder loads so far out of my test runs 65-70-80 grain charges. Without annealing, they will split.
150 year old 12 bore under lever double rifle still kicking 6/8/2020
Thanks to Ballistic Products and MagTech hulls my old double gun and I are still enjoying the great outdoors. I successfully harvested a large boar and a mature eight point buck with it last season. I am loading up and keeping the skills honed looking forward to next season. Thanks guys for great products and for keeping me and my old gun still kicking!
Great Hulls for BP 6/2/2020
Love these hulls! Easy to reload, consistent sizing, and clean up like any other brass case. They shuck out of a SxS very easy so a must have for Cowboy Action shooting.
Great, novel, permanent hulls 2/4/2020
I played with a box of these and converted them to smokeless powder capable. They look great and shoot great too. I use 10g plastic wads to compensate for the larger ID. Would be 5 if already prepped for 209 primers.

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