Pro-Shot Flannel Gun Patches 12-16ga (250/bag)

Pro-Shot Flannel Gun Patches 12-16ga (250/bag)
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Pro-Shot Flannel Gun Patches 12-16ga (250/bag)

Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches are 100% cotton flannel. These patches are designed to absorb foreign matieral and residue, and carry it through the bore with the least amount of abrasive contact to the barrel's rifling.


Pro-Shot Flannel Gun Patches 20 - .410 ga

About ProShot products:
Our staff (and The Curmudgeon) thinks these are some of the best gun care products available in the market today. They are made in Illinois by a fine family company. You can buy cheaper products to take care of your gun, but why would you? In terms of value, you'll get more from Pro Shot. So, spend a few cents more and take care of your firearm investments with a great product that is made in the USA.

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Pro Shot Shotgun Patches 2/6/2012
My First choice. Havent seen a better patch. They do the job and do it well. If you care for your gun, get the good stuff.
- Stormy Reinz, TX

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