Ranger Elite 12ga preslit wad (bag/100)

Ranger Elite 12ga preslit wad (bag/100)
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Ranger Elite 12ga preslit wad (100/bag)

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The one-piece 12-gauge hunting wad designed specifically for elite field loads. The Ranger Elite provides high performance options for both Lead and Non-toxic shot types. The Ranger Elite's large internal capacity allows for heavy payloads up to 1-5/8 ounces of lead shot and 1 1/8 ounces of steel shot (actual capacity dependent upon pellet size). The Ranger Elite is available both pre-slit and unslit for customizing maximum performance loads.

Like its predecessors, the Turkey Ranger wad and Ranger-Plus wad, the Ranger Elite is optimal in both Waterfowl and Turkey field applications. Its flexible, full diameter gas seal allows for excellent obturation and consistent seals for maximum powder burn during combustion. The shallow base allows this wad to seat properly with flake, granulated, and spherical ball powders.


  • Overall Length: 1.763"
  • Diameter: .715"
  • Wall Thickness: .040"
  • Shotcup Depth: 1.485"
  • Slits: 4
  • Maximum load amount: 2 ounce lead


When using this wad and loading on a MEC 12ga press, consider purchasing and installing the MEC 16ga Rammer Tube p/n 130505B-16.  This will eliminate the wad sticking as is encountered with the standard 12ga Rammer Tube.  Use of the 16ga Rammer Tube with non-toxic shot may cause some jamming in the tube which would require some gentle taps to the side of the tube upon extraction from the hull.


Alternatively, you can seat the wad by hand with the help of our handy Wad Nudges.


Product Type: Full length wad/shotcup
Size: 12-gauge
Specifications: See above (industry tolerances apply)
Typical Loads: Heavy magnum field loads; see BPI loading manuals for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

Made in USA

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Ranger wad 12/23/2019
Probably one of the best field wads out there. This wad works well when it comes to long range waterfowl and even turkey loads. Handles bigger steel pellets well loads easy and patterns great. This wad does not need tight choke tubes to perform at long ranges with steel shot either and even performs well with ported choke tubes.
- Bmak, UT

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