Steel Shot #4 (bag/10#)

Steel Shot #4 (bag/10#)
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BPI Steel Shot (10 lbs.)

We demand that our steel shot is only the highest quality. The finest steel shot loads can only be made only of premium (dead soft) iron, which is then annealed to assure the softest possible steel pellet. Our steel pellets our polished to perfection; they are almost perfectly spherical with no pitting or hard edges. We apply a special rust inhibitor to insure maximum storage life.

Because our shot is produced to a higher standard it will flow more freely through reloaders and pattern performance is better. Better quality steel shot brings more energy to the target, resulting in greater overall lethality. All of our steel shot meets or exceeds all U.S. and European cartridge industry standards for non-toxicity, softness, and quality. Approved by the U.S.F.W.S. for non-toxic use.

LOAD DATA: The Status of Steel (14th ed.) is newly revised with almost 700 loads, from 10ga to .410. BPI's ballistic lab produces more high-performance steel shot data than anybody else. Period. If you need a special load, we've got it for you.

Shipping Discounts: Take advantage of our powerful outbound shipping discounts - especially at quantities of 200 lbs. and more. Just call our customer service team at 1-888-2-RELOAD.

Volume Pricing and bulk packaging is available for commerical and industrial use. For industrial ballast material purposes you may be interested in our low-cost alternative Cast Steel Shot.

Steel   approx. approx. approx. Pellet Pellet Pellet
Shot U.S. (inch) (MM) grains/ Count: Count: Count:
Part# Size Diameter Diameter pellet 3/4 oz. 7/8 oz. 1 oz.
#SHF #F .220" 5.59 11.22 29 34 39
#SHTT #TT .210" 5.33 9.51 35 40 46
#SHT  #T  .200" 5.08 8.41 39 46 52
#SHBBB #BBB .190" 4.83 7.29 45 53 60
#SHBB  #BB  .180" 4.57 5.99 55 64 73
#SHB #B  .170" 4.32 5.34 61 72 82
#SH1 #1 .160" 4.06 4.29 77 89 102
#SH2 #2 .150" 3.81 3.53 93 109 124
#SH3 #3 .140" 3.56 2.86 115 134 153
#SH4 #4 .130" 3.30 2.30 143 166 190
#SH5 #5 .120" 3.05 1.85 177 206 236
#SH6 #6 .110" 2.79 1.40 234 273 312
#SH7 #7 .100" 2.54 1.09 317 369 422

Product Type: Non-toxic steel shot; USFWS approved.
Load Data: Status of Steel and Advantages manuals
Specs: Sizes #F (.220") through #7 (.100"); (industry tolerances apply)
Packaging: Duck cloth bag, sewn seams. 10 lbs. per unit
Density: Approximately 7.85 grams per cubic centimeter

International origin

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Excellent shot 1/2/2022
This is excellent shot. This shot is perfectly round and smooth, it shoots excellent patterns. It has a rust coating that must work as I keep it in an open container in a sometimes humid basement and it hasnít rusted up on me yet.
#4 steel 10/29/2012
shot works great in 20 gauge 3 loads in my sons gun with VP92 wads w/nitro cards. He is hitting and folding ducks up over the dekes, and the divers that come screaming over us. It holds real good patterns very few clean up shots. Out performing any 20 gauge factory loads we tried. He seems to be shooting better with the shells he makes and its another thing we can do together, making the hunt a better memory - especially for me.
- Joseph Glazer, MN

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