078 Lightning 7/8oz 12ga wad (250/bag)

078 Lightning 7/8oz 12ga wad (250/bag)
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078 Lightning 12ga 7/8 oz. wad (250/bag)

The Lightning is made specifically for light, high-velocity loads. The Lightning features five separate gas separation levels and four independent layers of cushioning to ensure a well-developed powder burn, protected pellets, and high velocities. Almost all high-speed target powders can be used with the Lightning 7/8 oz. wad.

  • Length = 1.720"
  • Diameter = 0.725"
  • Thickness = 0.035"
  • Shot cup depth = 0.600"
  • Seal to cup bottom = 1.120"
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Product Type: Target wad, preslit with two slits.
Size: 12-gauge
Typical Loads: 7/8 oz lead to 1 oz lead
Made in Italy

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Great for 7/8oz Lee Drive Key slug loads 9/17/2023
Fiocchi unskived clear hull w/616 primer, 22.0 grains of Green Dot, paper towel over powder wad to keep the powder intact and not travel up the wad side, L078 wad, Lee 7/8oz slug, bingo chip over slug wad. Good fit, completed shell length is 2.400 and cycles well in my Beretta 1301 Comp 21. Hard hitting and accurate in a smoothbore with a rifled choke.
My slugs and roundball are finally accurate! 3/28/2022
Ive been experimenting with my home made black powder, shooting slugs and pumpkin balls, but they havent been accurate with my primitive loads. I tried a couple of wads before this one without improvement. But finally, these 078 Lightning 7/8oz 12ga wads solved the problem and I am finally getting pie-plate accuracy at 30-40 yards from my smoothbore shotgun.
- Richard Bramlett, OR
Dustin birds 3/29/2019
Found the wad I was looking for. Nice recoil and can track the wad in my pattern
- Scott, IA
Amazing!!! 8/31/2017
Not only rated for itx but can handle 6 buck and all shot sizes Ive thrown in. + lee slug! And frangible copper! Thanks bpi a true patented winner! .690 rb works as well
- Micheal Larremore, AZ
Most uniform patterns in Fiocchi hulls 1/2/2016
Ive pattern tested 5 wads for my 7/8 and 1 oz loads using Fiocchi hulls, 16.8gr ExtraLite, Cheddite 209... and this wad produces the most uniform patterns from 25-40 yds Ive personally seen. Its referred to as a long range wad by manufacturer and was used for years in several Fiocchi 7/8oz and 1oz loads. Every gun/choke different, but this wad works great in my Optima bore-Muller 2 or 3 combination
lightning wad 1/24/2014
this is the same wad Fiocchi uses in their 7/8oz Trainer load at 1200fps and their 1oz Shooting Dynamics at 1200fps. Ive had great results duplicating those loads with this wad
Great with Lee 1oz Slugs! 5/7/2012
I have been using these wads with Lee 1oz Slugs; a nitro card inside the cup for height; BlueDot powder; and roll crimped Fiocchi hulls. This is my first attempt at rolling my own ammo, and I must say I have been really impressed with the results. Cycles my Saiga like butter; as accurate as any other target ammo I have run through my gun; and I dont feel like I have been robbed after going through a few mags. Thumbs up!
- Chuck L., VA

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