Super Spark 12ga wads (250/bag)

Super Spark 12ga wads (250/bag)
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Super Spark 12ga wads (250/bag)    

The Super Spark was designed from the ground up as a 7/8 ounce performer. A complex, five-layer gas seal system is compatible with fast-burn rate powders.

The Super Spark also features an advanced, spring-mesh cushion system designed to absorb shock and energy, reducing felt recoil.

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Gas Seal: Layered pressure dome with anti-migration levels, .725" diameter, .260" thick
Overall length: 1.730"
Seal to cup bottom: 1.00"
Shotcup Depth: .730"
Shotcup type: hinged tear-away
Optimum Range: 20-55 yards
Five-layer gas seal system to absorbs inertia - great for recoil sensitive shooters.

Part # 3/4 to 7/8oz Sporting Gauge Purpose Capacity Length Depth Bag/Cs Qty.
072SPK Super Spark 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.735 0.723 250/5000
020HCD24 Helix-Cushion Driver 24 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.716 0.731 250/5000
072EML EML 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.746 0.715 250/5000
072REX Rex-24 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 3/4 to 7/8oz 1.744 0.723 250/5000
020L078 078 Lightning 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.725 0.592 250/5000

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Seriously Tight Pattern 10/8/2022
I compared my pattern from this wad to the 3/4 oz CB0175-12, keeping everything else the same: light load of 15 gr Titewad, AA-HS hulls, 3/4 oz Eagle Magnum 8 1/2 shot, distance of 25 yd, Cylinder barrel. The CB wad gave about 30 inches diameter as expected, while the Spark gave a 20 inch, dense cluster with very few flyers. Kind of amazing. Also, this wad seems fine in the tapered HS hull. I cut an empty in half just above the metal, and the base of the wad was able to go up into the hull, base-first. Snug, but not too snug to press down on the powder. On my MEC, I have the wad pressure set so that the plunger spring moves just about 1/16 inch when I seat. I hope to compare them with a chrono.
Len Bates
Awesome wad!! 2/21/2014
This wad is awesome for light trap loads. Ive been using this wad for several years. Seems to smoke clays with any gun/powder/shot size combination. Very happy with this wad.
- Josh, KS

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