Rex-24 12ga 7/8 oz wad (250/bag)

Rex-24 12ga 7/8 oz wad (250/bag)
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REX-24 (24 grams or 7/8 ounce) 12ga wad (250/bag)

Designed for stinging 7/8 oz. loads (like the Curmudgeon's famous "Killer Bee" loads) in straight-walled hulls such as Cheddite, Fiocchi, Rio, Federal Gold Medal, or Remington SP-types. The elaborate gas seal column progressively absorbs energy during acceleration to peak velocity. The results are less deformed pellets, less recoil and incredibly fast loads. The REX-24 features three levels of cushions and eight rings of side hull support. This wad even has recipes for 3/4 oz. loads.

  • Gas Seal: layered inset dome with anti-migration skirts, .725" diameter, .200" thick
  • Overall Length: 1.735"
  • Seal to cup bottom: 1.045"
  • Shotcup depth: .690"
  • Shotcup type: Reinforced/hinged petals
  • Shot level in cup: 7/8oz
  • Optimum Range: 30-65 yards

Our test data from the lab shows Rex to be very consistent from shot-to-shot; very little deviation. This wad is used in Killer bee/Zip loads, very light and fast, e.g., 3/4 oz at 1520 fps.
Great for dove and pigeon shooters.

Best when used in straight walled hulls; designed to take advantage of the internal capacity by maximizing the cushion section.
Ideal for reduced-recoil and hot weather loads.

Part # 3/4 to 7/8oz Sporting Gauge Purpose Capacity Length Depth Bag/Cs Qty.
072SPK Super Spark 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.735 0.723 250/5000
020HCD24 Helix-Cushion Driver 24 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.716 0.731 250/5000
072EML EML 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.746 0.715 250/5000
072REX Rex-24 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 3/4 to 7/8oz 1.735 0.690 250/5000
020L078 078 Lightning 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.725 0.592 250/5000

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This wad ROCKS for straight wall hulls 11/23/2023
Of all the wads Ive tried, this one provides the most shot column height for 7/8oz loads. Modern SW hulls with the low basewad can crimp fine using this wad with red dot or any similar powder, without resorting to overshot cards etc. And they pattern awesomely. The wad has a lot of gas seal rings, and it seems to make a snappier round for it.
Dan Congdon
10☆s if I could! 6/17/2017
This wad alone has replaced 4 others I was using! Its an absolute miracle! Im telling everyone! Thank you bp
- Mike, AZ
Rex-24 12 ga 7/8 oz wad 3/4/2012
Consistent performer in the Federal gold medal hull. No powder migration and clay kills past 50 yards. I am also of the opinion that felt recoil is further dimished with this very wad. Make the comparison yourself and you may notice it as I did. I use this wad in O/U and pump shotguns.
rex24 4/27/2011
Have used this wad for years, can;t be beat for a 7/8 or 3/4 oz. load. Worth the money if one is shooting light loads. Is the perfect wad for Gold Medal hulls.

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