Rex-24 12ga 7/8 oz wad (250/bag)

Rex-24 12ga 7/8 oz wad (250/bag)
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REX-24 (24 grams or 7/8 ounce) 12ga wad (250/bag)

Designed for stinging 7/8 oz. loads (like the Curmudgeon's famous "Killer Bee" loads) in straight-walled hulls such as Cheddite, Fiocchi, Rio, Federal Gold Medal, or Remington SP-types. The elaborate gas seal column progressively absorbs energy during acceleration to peak velocity. The results are less deformed pellets, less recoil and incredibly fast loads. The REX-24 features three levels of cushions and eight rings of side hull support. This wad even has recipes for 3/4 oz. loads.

  • Gas Seal: layered inset dome with anti-migration skirts, .725" diameter, .200" thick
  • Overall Length: 1.735"
  • Seal to cup bottom: 1.120"
  • Shotcup depth: .680"
  • Shotcup type: Reinforced/hinged petals
  • Shot level in cup: 7/8oz
  • Optimum Range: 30-65 yards

Our test data from the lab shows Rex to be very consistent from shot-to-shot; very little deviation. This wad is used in Killer bee/Zip loads, very light and fast, e.g., 3/4 oz at 1520 fps.
Great for dove and pigeon shooters.

Best when used in straight walled hulls; designed to take advantage of the internal capacity by maximizing the cushion section.
Ideal for reduced-recoil and hot weather loads.

Part # 3/4 to 7/8oz Sporting Gauge Purpose Capacity Length Depth Bag/Cs Qty.
072SPK Super Spark 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.735 0.723 250/5000
020HCD24 Helix-Cushion Driver 24 12ga 7/8-1oz & int'l 7/8 to 1 oz 1.716 0.731 250/5000
072EML EML 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.746 0.715 250/5000
072REX Rex-24 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 3/4 to 7/8oz 1.744 0.723 250/5000
020L078 078 Lightning 12ga 3/4-7/8oz & int'l 7/8 (24gr.) 1.725 0.592 250/5000

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10☆s if I could! 6/17/2017
This wad alone has replaced 4 others I was using! Its an absolute miracle! Im telling everyone! Thank you bp
- Mike, AZ
Rex-24 12 ga 7/8 oz wad 3/4/2012
Consistent performer in the Federal gold medal hull. No powder migration and clay kills past 50 yards. I am also of the opinion that felt recoil is further dimished with this very wad. Make the comparison yourself and you may notice it as I did. I use this wad in O/U and pump shotguns.
rex24 4/27/2011
Have used this wad for years, can;t be beat for a 7/8 or 3/4 oz. load. Worth the money if one is shooting light loads. Is the perfect wad for Gold Medal hulls.

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