Adaptor for Super Crown/MEC Progressive Reloaders

Adaptor for Super Crown/MEC Progressive Reloaders
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Progressive Adaptor Screw for MEC Reloaders

Longer (1-1/2") set screw necessary for adapting the Super Crown Crimp Starter to MEC progressive loaders.

Our Super Crown Crimp Starter is legendary. We've been making the finest crimp starter in the business for over 30 years. It is the ultimate crimp accessory for your MEC reloader.

Why brass? Machined from solid brass, the Super Crown's sharp edges make a deep impression in the hull's crimp folds. Yes, solid brass is an expensive material, but we use brass because that is what commercial loading machines use to create those reliable, deeply-folded crimps. Even unskived and new plastic hulls are easily creased for proper crimps once they go through any MEC crimp starter station equipped with the Super Crown. Easy to install and fits all MEC machines. Comes complete with wingnut hardware and crimp accommodation spring.

We machine these quality tools right here in Minnesota.

Super Crown crimp starters are available in four variations:

Crimping tips: 
Six-point crimps are mainly used for larger pellets/hunting loads. 10 gauge and 12 gauge 3-1/2" and 3" are almost always six-point crimps. Because there are less folds involved with a 6-point crimp, it is generally easier to crimp hulls with in this manner
Eight-point crimps are generally for smaller pellets, which is why you always see target loads with 8-point crimps. The Super Crown produces deep and crisp edges, which will aid in closing up gaps. This tool helps to produce tighter, more consistent crimps.

Also Recommended:

Installation Notes: Remove stock plastic crimp starter and mounting bolt. Install Super Crown and adjust depth with locking nuts until proper height is achieved. Make sure that the Super Crown can rotate freely in the machine so that the points self-align with the existing crimp. (Below: Super Crown mounted on a MEC 600JR)

Product Type: Adaptor for Crimping tool  for MEC progressive reloaders
Made in USA

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