Claybuster CB2118-12 12ga FED12S3 (bag/500)

Claybuster CB2118-12 12ga FED12S3 (bag/500)
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Claybuster CB2118-12 12S3 wads (500/bag)

The Claybuster wad line is an economical wad line built for target-shooters and wing-shooters alike. With twenty-five different models from which to choose, the Claybuster wad line can satisfy nearly every target or wing shooting application for reloading.

The CB2118-12 replaces the now discontinued Federal 12S3 wad.

For use in 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 oz. trap, skeet, sporting clays, or hunting loads. Performs best in straight wall cases such as Federal paper or plastic and Fiocchi.

Optimum load is 1-1/8 oz.

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Dished crimps on Federal hulls with 1-1/8oz loads. 1/21/2023
While these are very well made wads , they are just too short for federal Top gun hulls with white plastic basewad and other federal hulls with the white plastic basewad for 1-1/8oz loads. Using Gold medal loads from Lyman with up to 20 Red dot the 1-1/8oz stack still needs a good 1/16-1/8 20ga cork card to prevent dishing and holy crimps. I guess you could also throw a 12ga card over powder/under wad to bring the stack up. But, thats just one extra step And COST Id like to avoid. I went and bought the Claybuster 1-1/8 pink straight wall WW type wads and those are PERFECT for 1-1/8oz loads. They bring the stack right up to the crimp every time and produce consistent flat crimps. So the 12S3 may work better with 1-1/4oz over stack loads. They just dont work in my Top gun hulls with plastic basewad, without extra fillers, at least with book loads from Lyman. S3s work great for slug cushions with petals removed. So just a little PSA for anyone wanting to load 1-1/8oz loads in Top Gun hulls with white plastic basewad or similar type straight wall hulls. Use the CB pink 1-1/8oz straight wads.
- John Anderson, MD
Perfect match for FED 12S3 10/19/2021
Great wad! Using them in Federal Top Gun hulls using Gold Medal data and getting exactly the speed of the published load.
- Jim R., SD

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