Claybuster CB4100-12B Lightning (500/bag)

Claybuster CB4100-12B Lightning (500/bag)
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Claybuster CB4100-12B Lightning (Windjammer-Style) wads (500/bag)

The Claybuster wad line is an economical wad line built for target-shooters and wing-shooters alike. With twenty-five different models from which to choose, the Claybuster wad line can satisfy nearly every target or wing shooting application for reloading.

For use in 7/8 to 1 oz. Trap, skeet, sporting clay or hunting loads. Versatile for most hulls depending on powder volume.

Optimum load is 1 oz.

Claybuster Wads
BP Part # Mfg. Mfg. # Gauge Compare to Type Capacity Bag/Cs Qty.
030CB12S0 Claybuster CB2100-12 12ga 12S0 Fed 1 oz 500/5000
030CB12S3 Claybuster CB2118-12 12ga 12S3 Fed 1-1/8 oz 500/5000
030CBFED118 Claybuster CB6118-12 12ga Straight Wall Fed/Fio 1-1/8 oz 500/5000
030CBFED1OZ Claybuster CB6100-12 12ga Straight Wall Fed/Fio 1 oz 500/5000
030CBFIG8 Claybuster CB8118-12 12ga Figure 8 Rem 1 to 1-1/8 500/5000
030CB8R Claybuster CB3118-12AR 12ga Fig 8-Red Rem 1 to 1-1/8 500/5000
030CB8W Claybuster CB3118-12A 12ga Fig 8-White Rem 1 to 1-1/8 500/5000
030CBTGT Claybuster CB8100-12 12ga TGT12 Rem 1 oz 500/5000
030CB12R Claybuster CB1138-12 12ga WAA12R Win 1-3/8 oz 500/5000
030CBF114 Claybuster CB1114-12 12ga WAA12F114 Win 1-1/4 oz 500/5000
030CB12L Claybuster CB0178-12 12ga WAA12L Win 7/8 oz 500/5000
030CBSL Claybuster CB1100-12 12ga WAA12SL Win 1 to 1-1/8 500/5000
030CBSTD Claybuster CB1118-12 12ga WAA12 Win 1 to 1-1/8 500/5000
030CB781 Claybuster CB4100-12B 12ga WJMR 7/8-1 Lightning 7/8-1 oz 500/5000
030CBWJMR Claybuster CB4118-12B 12ga WJMR 1-1/8 WJ12 1-1/8 oz 500/5000
030CBSV Claybuster CB0118-12 12ga Promo Wad WT12 1-1/8 oz 500/5000
030CB16 Claybuster CB100-16 16ga WAA16 Win 7/8 to 1 500/5000
030CB20 Claybuster CB1078-20 20ga WAA20 Win 3/4 to 7/8 500/5000
030CB28 Claybuster CB1034-28 28ga WAA28 Win 3/4 oz 500/5000
030CB28HS Claybuster CB5034-28HSA 28ga WAA28HS Win 3/4 oz 500/5000
030CB410 Claybuster CB2100-12 410 WAA41 Win 1/2 oz 500/5000
030CB410HS Claybuster CB5050-41HS 410 WAA41HS Win 1/2 oz 500/5000

Made in U.S.A.

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Not so great for straight walled hulls 8/5/2019
Unfortunately, these wads are designed for tapered wall hulls. But, you can only find that out by using them in straight wall hulls. In Cheddite hulls there is significant powder migration around the base of the wad resulting in the effect of reducing the powder charge.
Roger Whiteaker
Very versatile for 1 oz . loads for trap 7/12/2019
I have loaded this wad with my Mec 650 press & my Hornady 366 press 12 gauge and they produce loads that look and perform like factory ammo . I have loaded Rem. STS , Nitro & old Peters Blue magic hulls . The older Win. AA hulls load the same , but the new AA hulls leave a hole in the final crimps that leak pellets . I have not shot the loads on a patterning board , but can run 50 straight from the 16 yd. line with the loads with this wad & 18.5 grs of 700-x powder .
- Herman Woon, CA
Not a great fit for Ponsness/Warren 850B 6/24/2018
I seem to have a lot of trouble getting this wad to work with my Ponsness/Warren 850B. The base of the wad seems like is ever so slightly too wide to be properly driven into the hull without catching on the lip of the shell causing it to fold inward. The fingers tend to get folded over also and if you dont catch it the results are a terrible pattern. It works well on my MEC reloader but Id stay away from it on a P/W 850B. I have no problems running other claybuster wads through my P/W. For now Ill stick to the 4 petal wads.
- Paul Diaz, CA
Versatile 7/8 oz wad 11/13/2015
I use this wad in most of my 7/8 oz loads. It has recipes for almost all of the Alliant shotgun powders. It is a fantastic load with Alliant Extra Light.
- Jake, OH

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