Commander 20ga wad (250/bag)

Commander 20ga wad (250/bag)
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Commander 20ga wad (250/bag) 

The Commander is our long-range 20-gauge specialist. It tackles cold weather with an improved, triple gas seal. Four legs in the crush section slowly give away during the loading process, allowing a final nudge as the shell is closed. Loads are perfectly compressed for solid ignition. The TC20 propels a 7/8-ounce charge with a tight center core pattern.

Unbeatable as a clay and field combination wad; 20ga shooters should mix them into their shooting kit the #7-1/2 or high speed #8.

View sample LOAD DATA from our BP manuals


  • Gas seal: flat-head dome, .615" diameter x .195" thick
  • Overall length: 1.520"
  • Seal to cup bottom: .875"
  • Shotcup depth: .755"
  • Shotcup type: vented cup
  • Shot level in cup: 330 grns
  • Optimum range: 30-65 yards
  • Long range target wad

Gualandi & B&P 20ga Wads
BP Part # Name Gauge Capacity Length Cup Depth Mfg. Bag/Cs Qty.
072SG20S Sporting 20 Short 20ga 7/8 to 1 1.330 0.760 Gualandi 250/5000
072SG20M Sporting 20 Mid 20ga 7/8 to 1 1.459 0.745 Gualandi 250/5000
072SG20L Sporting 20 Long 20ga 3/4 to 7/8 1.530 0.750 Gualandi 250/5000
072BW20 Brush Wad 20 20ga 7/8 to 1-1/8 1.190 0.285 Gualandi 250/5000
072DX20 Dispersor-X 20 20ga 7/8 to 1 1.373 0.800 Gualandi 250/5000
020TC20 Commander 20 20ga 7/8 to 1 1.520 0.755 B&P 250/7500

Product Type: 20ga wad, target & field
Specifications: see chart, industry tolerances apply
Load Data: All types - see
Advantages manual for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

Made in Italy

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TC20 Pheasant load 12/24/2014
I loaded up some 20 ga. shells using the TC20 wad with 24 grains of Longshot and 7/8 oz of NP#5s in Cheddite hulls for a South Dakota Pheasant hunt. Load 70917-68 from the BP book. I shot 15 birds and the dog only had to chase one. Great load.

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