MEC 600 Jr. Mark V #8447

MEC 600 Jr. Mark V #8447
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MEC 600 Jr. Mark V #8447 single-stage reloader 
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The 600JR Mark V is a completely modernized and updated version of the original 600JR, which was first introduced way back in the mid-1950s. It's still a great reloader after all these years. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate its ease of use, adjustability, and reliability. The 600 JR has proven itself reliable for loading any type of shotshells, 10 gauge down to .410 bore.

Rate of Loading: The MEC 600 Jr. Mark 5 can load approximately eight to ten boxes per hour.  and can be upgraded at a later date with the #285CA EZ Prime auto primer feed, which eliminates the need to handle each primer individually.

Versatile: The 600JR is adjustable for 3" shells, and is available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 gauges and .410 bore. MEC #8452 Die Sets can convert your 600JR to any other gauge. (Note: Pre-1983 models require #1308335 Die Sets, which differ from the current Mark V model.)

Resizing: When shotshells are fired they expand to the dimensions of your shotgun's chamber. To be reloaded, they must be resized accurately. If you find that the resize station on your 600JR is not adequate, we would recommend that you purchase MEC's Super Sizer resizing tool. This tool returns the shell base back to factory specifications, whether you are loading high or low base. BPI's ballistic experts HIGHLY recommend this resizing tool, especially if you are shooting a gun with a tubular magazine.

*STOCK NOTE: Even if this reloader is listed out of stock, we have multiple shipments arriving from MEC every week. Our volumes assure speedy shipment of your MEC reloader. Please call our customer service department at 1-888-273-5623.

BPI's Super Crown Crimp Starter

You can improve MEC performance with just a couple convenient accessories:

Better Crimps: When loading new/primed hulls, your crimps may not stay closed if you are using a standard plastic crimp starter. The Super Crown Crimp Starter is designed to put a lasting crimp memory into new plastic, essential for tight and functional crimps on new hulls. The Super Crown also provides better crimps on once-fired hulls too.

Shot & Powder Charges: For added versatility and convenience, we recommend the Adjusta-Drop adjustable charge bar. This excellent accessory quickly pays for itself in bushing and charge bar savings and it gives you almost limitless load flexibility.

Priming: The EZ Prime auto primer feed (#285CA) can be added to the 600JR. EZ Prime dispenses primers automatically, which is a great time saver and a calming influence when loading. (*The automatic primer feed feature is not available for .410 reloaders.)

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Resizing high-brass hulls: If you are experience resistence when resizing high-brass hulls, try just a little bit of Mica Wad Slick on the brass, die, or resizing area of your reloader. A little dry lube goes a long way toward saving reloading sanity. Also, the MEC Super Sizer works very for all high brass hulls.

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MEC Standard Reloaders include 1 Charge Bar & 3 Powder Bushings
10 GA


37, 40, 44

12 GA


29, 30, 32

16 GA


23, 25, 29

20 GA


20, 22, 24

28 GA


14, 16, 21



10, 11, 12

.410 3"


10, 11, 12


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Using same one for over 50 years 10/14/2022
My Dad bought a 12 Ga MEC 600 Jr. back in 1966, one of the first to come out with that designation. While there were earlier predecessor MEC reloaders, the MEC 600 Jr incorporated their best features. I have used this same reloader for over 50 years and like it so much that I bought one in 20 Gauge as well. I agree with BPs suggestions as to upgrades available to the system. Mine have the Universal Charge Bar to replace the original charge bars, and also the metal crimp starter to better cut new shells. With these MEC 600 Jr reloaders, I can load any type of 2 and 3 quarter inch shells, using any type of approved primers, power, wads, or projectiles - even though much has changed in shotshell design and technology over the past five decades. Another upgrade that I recommend for a really old MEC 600 is to replace the original opaque shot and powder bottles with new clear ones that can be refilled from the top. This allows you to better see how much powder and shot are in the reloader, and reduces the possibility of spills. As with any reloading system, I highly recommend using the most recent reloading manuals available.
- Richard, MD
Great buy 1/13/2021
I first bought a 410ga reloader and liked it so much that I decided that a 12ga would be a nice addition. Then I added a 20ga. These Mecs are a real value. Cheap enough to own one for each gauge you have and the performance is excellent.Made in USA, Sold by a USA company!
- Michael Posson, NY
I have tried all the shotshell loaders on the market starting with the Lee Load-All 1 & 2. NONE of them cam compare with this MEC 600 Jr - Mk 5!!!! NONE OF THEM!! The MEC was easy to set up, simple to learn and a absolute addictive Press to use!!! The more you load with it, the more you want to keep doing it!!! It is super! I also liked it so much that I got the 2o ga, and the .410 presses as well. I then opted for the 600 Jr Slugger, it is OFF THE HOOK!! If you want to load BUCKSHOT or SLUGS this is the ONLY PRESS for you!!!! It is patterned on the 600 Jr frame and it is just as simple to use!!!! Spend your money wisely - GET A MEC the first time and you will NEVER BE SORRY!! The parts are simple and easy to replace if need be or you can always send it back to MEC to recondition it!! MEC is a GREAT COMPANY to deal with and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!!! This makes the purchase worth it!!!!! They are built to last a LIFETIME and leave to your GRANDCHILDREN!!!!!! The BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT on LOADING EQUIPMENT!!
- Mike Landis, VA
I inhereted one of these babies 11/10/2010
Been using it for 8 years and since it came with 20 Ga. I got a convertion kit for 12 and I cant ask for better shells, you can get very fast, too. For the going price, its a bargain. Ballistic Prods. have it all at very competitive prices.
Manuel Rewyes

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