Pro-Shot Bronze Bristle Brush w/ Brass Core

Pro-Shot Bronze Bristle Brush w/ Brass Core
Item Number: 16409
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Detailed Description

Pro-Shot Bronze Bristle Brush w/Brass Case

  • Bronze bristled brush with brass core is designed to withstand frequent use and will not harm bore.
  • Brass Core/Bronze Bristle Brush cleans the barrel completely

  • Brass core holds the bristles longer and can withstand frequent harsh use

  • Filled with superior over-sized bronze bristles that are larger than standard

  • Looped brass end makes brush superior and safer to use instead of a cut open end

  • Brass coupling is made with precision threads to stay screwed into cleaning rods and will hold the brass core for long lasting tough use

  • More bristles per inch for maximum cleaning power

  • Available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28ga and 410 bore


About ProShot products:
Our staff (and The Curmudgeon) thinks these are some of the best gun care products available in the market today. They are made in Illinois by a fine family company. You can buy cheaper products to take care of your gun, but why would you? In terms of value, you'll get more from Pro Shot. So, spend a few cents more and take care of your firearm investments with a great product that is made in the USA.

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