Remington PT28 3/4oz wad (500/bag)

Remington PT28  3/4oz wad (500/bag)
Item Number: 030RPT28
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Remington PT28 28ga wad (500/bag)

Remington one-piece shot cup/wad columns remain the unmatched choice for everything from heavy, 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target loads - including the .410. And for critical 12-gauge clay target loads, Remington's exclusive Figure 8 wad belongs on every reloading bench. For 1-oz. 12-gauge loads, use Remington volume calibrated TGT-12 wad. Both the Figure 8 and TGT-12 wads now feature a new stitched petal design that helps keeps wads separated for easier reloading and are interchangeable with the older non-stitched versions.


  • New stitched petal design feeds easier for reloading (FIG8S & TGT12S)
  • Remington Factory Quality design
  • Virgin plastic for superior performance under all conditions
  • Complete line of wads for both target and field loads

Remington Wads
BP Part # Mfg. Mfg. # Gauge Color Capacity Bag Qty. Case Qty.
030SP10 Remington SP10 10ga clear 1-3/8 to 2 250 5000
030RFIG8 Remington Figure 8 12ga clear 1 to 1-1/8 500 5000
030TGT12 Remington TGT12S 12ga clear 1 oz 500 5000
030RXP Remington RXP12 12ga clear 1-1/8 oz 500 5000
030R12L Remington R12L 12ga clear 1 oz 250 5000
030R12H Remington R12H 12ga clear 1-1/8 oz 250 5000
030SP12 Remington SP12 12ga clear 1-1/4 oz 250 5000
030RP12 Remington RP12 12ga clear 1-1/4 oz 250 5000
030SP16 Remington SP16 16ga clear 1-1/8 oz 250 5000
030SP20S Remington SP20S 20ga clear 1 oz 250 5000
030RXP20 Remington RXP20 20ga clear 7/8 to 1 500 5000
030RPT28 Remington PT28 28ga clear 3/4 oz 500 5000
030SP410 Remington SP410 410 clear  1/2 oz 500 5000

Looking for more variety and more savings on wads?

You may be able to save even more on the GBP Sporting Wad Series. Available in bags of 250 or bulk cases, you'll be saving money every time you pull the trigger.

Free load data sheets are provided upon request. More data can also be found in our Advantages Shotshell Load Encyclopedia and the Smallbore Manual.

Part # 28ga Sporting Gauge Purpose Capacity Length Depth Bag/Cs Qty.
072SG28 SG28 (original) 28ga utility and target 5/8 to 3/4 1.497 0.547 250/5000
072SG28S SG28 II 28ga utility and target 3/4 to 7/8 1.453 0.880 250/5000
072HV28 MG28 28ga 28ga 1 oz field 7/8 to 1 oz. 1.632 1.238 250/5000
072BW28 Brush Wad 28ga 28ga short range 5/8 to 3/4 1.205 0.224 250/10,000

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