X10X 10ga gas seal (250/bag)

X10X 10ga gas seal  (250/bag)
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Detailed Description

X10X 10ga Symmetrical Gas Seal (250/bag)

The X-type seal provides excellent pressure sealing quality for a wide variety of shotgun loading applications.

The X10X is symmetrical (can be flipped) for easy loading. It provides numerous practical loading applications.  Though the wads expand for overbores, the fit is still perfect with standard-dimension bores.  Manufacturers enjoy its easy high-speed loading and versatility even in slug-shooting and high-performance loads.  Useful for big-bore Pagoda loads. 

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Symmetrical gas seal

Part # Gas Seals Gauge Purpose Capacity Bag/Cs Qty.
072X10X X10X 10ga Gas Seal 10ga multi-purpose seal .274" x .770" 250/5000
3221222 GS2 12ga Gas Seal 12ga multi-purpose seal .322" x .727" 250/5000
072HB12 HB12 12ga Washer Seal 12ga Washer Seal .525" x .727" 250/5000
072FS12 FS12 12ga Flex Seal 12ga Flex-Seal 12 .525" x .727" 250/5000
322X12X X12X 12ga Gas Seal 12ga multi-purpose seal .258" x .727" 250/5000
02012 Obturator Gas Seal  12ga multi-purpose seal .279" x .727" 250/5000
02016 Obturator Gas Seal  16ga multi-purpose seal .247" x .654" 250/5000
02020 Obturator Gas Seal  20ga multi-purpose seal .247" x .618" 250/5000
222PT20GS Low Profile Gas Seal 20ga multi-purpose seal .194" x .639" 250/5000
Product Type: Gas seal
Size: 10-gauge, 2-5/8" to 3-1/2"
Specifications: Diameter 0.770", thickness 0.274"
Typical Loads:

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